About The EP

AWALL here! Welcome gang, and let me be the first to tell you that RESPECTING PERSPECTIVES has been nothing short of a musical journey! Each and every track has been meticulously hand-crafted to create an auditory experience like no other. Throughout the process, I was able to paint several life-like scenarios that put the listener in my shoes and allowed me to shed light on how many different point of views there really are in the world. So sit back, press play, and let the music be your guide!

Listen to the EP

(Intro) Voysez

“Y’all ain’t ready for a mind like mine… NOW IT’S TIME!”

“Medicate with music, wildin’ out no etiquette / Funny how I’m really ’bout my sh!t but out my element”


All Good,
All Gold

“In recollection, RESPECT PERSPECTIVE, in retrospect, I’m in the wrong direction / But the right investment, it’ll have me destined, to leave a mark and that’s my impression”

“Consider me a serpent when it comes to the sea’s / RIP to Mac Miller now that power’s in me”


Peace Sign

“Secret agent, Zebra chasing, Lion taming, Diamond shaping”

Thanks for listening!

I want to take a minute to thank every single one of you that took the time to listen to my debut EP, RESPECTING PERSPECTIVES. I hope you enjoyed the tape as much as i did making it. So many forces had to come together to make this possible. First off, I couldn’t have done it without the ever so talented Brandon Lackey over at Line-Up Room Studios in Baltimore, MD. Huge shout out to mai, Prodbyroman, ii, Canis Major & Anom Aleez for delivering top notch production from front to back. My videographers, Luke O’Brien (“FREEDUMB”) & Cory Schwab (“PEACE SIGN”). Extra special thank you to Chris Grainger (TechPod Social) who has been monumental in bringing all of this to life and helping me focus on what’s important, the music! Shout to Grace Campagna for taking the lead on the logo design and bringing what was just a sketch on a napkin to real life! Last but not least, my family, friends, & fans. Without your continued support, I would have given up a long time ago. Instead, we stuck it through and look what we have to show for it…something I’m more than proud of! Thank you all, and I truly can’t wait to let you in on what the future has in store for everything AWALL!