Baltimore, Maryland – Let’s all take a breathe… AWALL’s latest track “Breather” is here! This melody driven song has dreamy synths l, crisp basslines & Andrew’s soul searching lyrics.

This beat is produced by Thomas Crager who is set to collaborate with Drew on several more tracks throughout 2024. Brandon Lackey (Label Necklace) worked his magic at the LineUp Room Recording Studio to make Breather sound alive and balanced on any streaming service!

One of the notable aspects of this release is the cover art, a product of innovative collaboration with MIDJOURNEY and AI technology. Andrew “AWALL” Cornwall is breaking new ground by experimenting with AI-driven design, marking the beginning of a creative journey that will involve teaming-up with visual artists in the future.

Fans of Post Malone, The Kid Laroi, and Lil Peep are in for a treat with Breather. AWALL’s latest release promises to resonate with those who appreciate a fusion of compelling, story-told lyrics in a captivating Neo-Soul atmosphere.

As Andrew continues to push artistic boundaries, Breather is just the first glimpse of what promises to be an exciting year ahead! Stay tuned for more releases and collaborations as AwallArtist solidifies his place in the spotlight.

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This press release from AWALL has been made possible through his company, Unidentified Enterprise LLC, as well as his associates at TechPod Social.

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Andrew Cornwall

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