Baltimore, Maryland – Another track that gets everyone reflecting is Moonlight! Andrew “AWALL” Cornwall has taken his skill of lyrical composition and transformed it into great songwriting for the ages. The focus on meanings of personal reflection and relationships aims to bring light to things which might have been forgotten along the way – “so close, yet so far”.

Thomas Crager, musical chef – made the beat for “Moonlight” and pushed the limit of his setup to assure the best quality for Andrew. Engineering this track was made possible by Nate Middleman from Above Ground Studios, Baltimore. Nate is also the mastermind behind the engineering of “Rewind” – Andrew’s biggest hit of 2023! Nate is one of Cornwall’s right hand men who has provided unwavering support since he started publishing music in 2020.

Cornwall continues to pursue his ambition in making meaningful music that anyone can interpret and even allows you to “find” yourself in the process. Music with messages to motivate his audience are at the forefront of his latest offering and currently published catalog. There’s a whole host more to come for the summer, so keep your ears open and streaming apps at the ready for more AWALL!

Supporting AWALL’s growth has also never been easier with the ability to purchase merchandise from the “Merch” page on the website. Your purchase gets you quality products and helps fuel the growth for Andrew’s ever-growing musical career.

This press release from AWALL has been made possible through his company, Unidentified Enterprise LLC, as well as his associates at TechPod Social.

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