AWALL Releases Debut Album

BALTIMORE, MD – Today is a monumental day in the AWALL calendar. For the first time, Andrew is delivering a full body of work – his debut EP!

Insane amounts of effort have gone into this album, starting with the original lyrics from Andrew throughout the past few years, followed closely by the musical talent of beat sourcing, mixing, mastering and production from mai, Prodbyroman, ii, Canis Major & Anom Aleez. The entire collection was executively produced by Brandon Lackey (Label Necklace) at the famed Baltimore city, Line-Up Room Studios. Andrew has also reached out to other industry experts to be able to have the best foot forward when getting the EP out, such as Chris Grainger (TechPod Social) for marketing and IT as well as Grace Campagna for web design of the Respecting Perspectives album page.

The 5 songs in the EP have been crafted to convey the musical and lyrical talent of Andrew Cornwall and also to add to his discography, showing progression in skill to his career.

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Voysez is a bass-ridden beat with inspiration from techno and trap music with both high speed raps and slow spoken elements which convey the development of AWALL’s musical career and how he found his calling to make songs from an extremely young age.

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Freedumb takes place in the winter months of the year, with mother nature not stopping Andrew from filming! A standout lyric is “Medicate with music” – hinting towards the outlet he wants to provide listeners with when going through the EP’s tracks. The professional videography was done by Philadelphia native Luke O’Brien Creative, featuring an impressive drone shot following the bright orange Jeep throughout the urban cities of PhilDELPHIA! Did we mention it took place during a blizzard? It proves that nothing is getting in his way when it comes to delivery.

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All Good, All Gold is a hardcore rap track to enable AWALL to spit some hard and fast bars – once watching the lyric video, it’s easier to follow along to the pace of Andrew and take away the meaning of his lyrics about seeing things from a different perspective. This song also inspired the name of the EP and holds true to his lyrical abilities.

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Gravities can be said to be a genre-mix of hip-hop and rap, combined with all the backstory to how AWALL came to where he is today. Through all his battles, hardships and successes, Andrew has worked tirelessly for his musical grind and encodes that in this track. He also pays tribute to one of his main inspirations, Mac Miller.

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Peace Sign is one of the older songs in AWALL’s catalog. It was filmed several years ago and put on the backburner until the time was right to release it to the public. That time is now! The beat for this song is more melodic than the others, aiming to be mellow and easy to understand. Peace Sign – that’s the bunny in the air!

This EP was also accompanied by a release party in Andrew’s home town of Hampden, MD – a separate press release will be published in due course to show the highlights of the evening.

Even though this album took a lot of time and effort, there is still no shortage of content, music and more to come with AWALL! Support is encouraged through the recently updated website and merch store, as well as on social media to stay informed with all the latest moves of Andrew “AWALL” Cornwall – find him through the handle @awallartist on all platforms!

This press release from AWALL has been made possible through his company, Unidentified Enterprise LLC, as well as his associates at TechPod Social.

For more information about this release, please contact:

Andrew Cornwall

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