Phoenixville, Pennsylvania – After the 5th year of Mac Miller’s passing, Andrew “AWALL” Cornwall wanted to use his inspiration for music in his latest track: Rewind. The song touches on a more chill tone and provides listeners with an uplifting overall theme. 

Luke O’Brien Creative (who also filmed Breakin’ Molds and Freedumb) and his team put immense effort in making sure the video for this release fit the messages encoded in Andrew’s lyrics. This includes imagery of a persistent couple, willing to do whatever it takes to get through to the other side of a successful relationship, even if it means reversing the hands of time. With original production from NK Music and mastering from award winning Nate Middleman (Above Ground Studios,) the tune encompasses a high fidelity sound that presents itself as outstanding on any device or service. You can stream it on all popular platforms and watch the music video on YouTube.

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Following the recent success of AWALL’s debut EP, Respecting Perspectives, new motivation for Andrew has been unlocked as he continues to give the world 110%. For those fans craving extra, 2 more songs and accompanying music videos will be released to round out 2023!

AWALL would like to thank all of the support given from his fans, followers and local community to continue doing what he loves. In the face of adversity, Andrew has been able to utilize the pillars of his network to continue to grow and develop whilst also offering support and assistance to others who might need it.

You can still find AWALL on all streaming services and social media platforms under the name @awallartist. Be sure to follow for consistent updates about the happenings of Andrew in day-to-day life as well as for new music!

This press release from AWALL has been made possible through his company, Unidentified Enterprise LLC, as well as his associates at TechPod Social.

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Andrew Cornwall

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