Baltimore Inner City, Maryland – AWALL and Light Street Productions (Rob Silver, James Carline & Luke Tittle) have made sure this is (arguably) the best AWALL music video yet! From their young talent and forward thinking – to their professionalism towards the video shoot, this should be a feast for the eyes on Andrew’s YouTube Page! Being filmed in Baltimore Inner City, 3 main locations were used such as the Industrial Museum of Art and the Inner Harbor, and good ole’ Downtown B-More.

The office reenactment during the video shows the walls to the world many people face and the smashing of the phone at the end of the video, symbolizes the breaking free of commands from bosses and the corporate hierarchy – THE WAIT IS OVER! Hillary and Amanda are Andrew Cornwall’s accomplices in the video, which help him come to this realization. 

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This is a more somber and dark track, which is aiming to be motivating and energetic towards breaking the norm and “getting out there”. For Andrew, this is not waiting for the music industry to catch up with him, but to speed ahead and excel with the support from everyone behind him!

After being produced by VAEGUD, the musical process then moved to being mixed and mastered at Lineup Room Studios by Brandon Lackey. 

AWALL has been working on getting his music out to as many people as possible. Every like, share and play speaks volumes to the growth since 2020.

This press release from AWALL has been made possible through his company, Unidentified Enterprise LLC, as well as his associates at TechPod Social.

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