Free Fallin’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Switching it up from his usual hometown, Andrew has been in central Philadelphia recording the music video for “Free Fallin’”. Seen in the video, AWALL drove around Philadelphia in a red Camaro, with his latest song in the background.

With assistance from videographer and editor, Chris Grainger, Andrew has been able to pull together the audio-visual mediums into an impressive performance for his fans and prospective viewers.

“Being tied up in a chair isn’t usually fun, until it’s for my music!!” – Andrew Cornwall

Free Fallin’ – AWALL’s latest song entails a more thought-provoking tone within the song, aimed at emulating Mac Miller’s and Lil Peep’s style of music as a small tribute.

After the successful release plan for the ‘Flavorful Friday’s’ release plan, Andrew wanted to put a spin on his next release. This is achieved through the unique and stand-out video that differs from the previous eye-catching visuals for the past 7 releases.

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