AWALL Releases Debut Album

BALTIMORE, MD – Today is a monumental day in the AWALL calendar. For the first time, Andrew is delivering a full body of work – his debut EP! Insane amounts of effort have gone into this album, starting with the original lyrics from Andrew throughout the past few years, followed closely by the musical talent … Read more

AWALL at Label Necklace

Baltimore, Maryland – Brandon Lackey and MC Bravado started Label Necklace: A community building and artist empowerment group in Baltimore. As described by the founders as, “an abundance of dope creatives” Label Necklace aims to “exchange invaluable info and connect dope people, so they could do more dope shit”. Each event has a unique twist … Read more


Baltimore, Maryland – For the New Year’s blues, Andrew “AWALL” Cornwall has made a self-made montage video to go with his new song, Runaway. This track has a lower tone and makes for easy listening late in the evening. It hits home for many with lyrics about taking your time and moving on from hard-hitting … Read more


Baltimore, Maryland – Finally is AWALL’s Christmas release present to everyone who have loyally viewed, followed and replayed his tracks throughout the year. It’s an upbeat hip hop track in the final release of 2022 and sure to be a hit on any workout playlist to pump you up! The video below is a lyric … Read more


WEST BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – An abandoned mansion on the west side of Baltimore was the perfect place to film Andrew’s winter-themed track “Disarray”. He scoped out the location whilst on a walk and thought this fitted the melancholic style of the song. During filming, Andrew made use of the Baltimore cityscape and unique props to … Read more

Call It What You Want

HAMPDEN, MARYLAND – Andrew’s heading back to his childhood hometown, Hampden, Baltimore and making a brand new video for “Call It What You Want”! Cornwall and producer, DELTAnine (Chris Honsberger) were in the studio when they had concluded their session together, Chris placed the question of: “What should it be called?” – Andrew had a … Read more

WKGYG? (What Kinda God You Got?)

BALTIMORE, MD – Hot off the open mic from Baltimore, Andrew has been bringing in more personal themes into his hip hop music – this time, religion. With a new music video to complement this, more features of his hometown have been embedded to stay true to his philosophy of keeping in touch with his … Read more


WASHINGTON MONUMENT, WASHINGTON D.C. – Being the supposed capital of the free world and close to Baltimore – Washington D.C. is a special setting for the US and a great cityscape for a music video! After scoping the location whilst traveling, Andrew saw and seized the opportunity for the Monument being key for one of … Read more

Free Fallin’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Switching it up from his usual hometown, Andrew has been in central Philadelphia recording the music video for “Free Fallin’”. Seen in the video, AWALL drove around Philadelphia in a red Camaro, with his latest song in the background. With assistance from videographer and editor, Chris Grainger, Andrew has been able to … Read more

Place I Call

BALTIMORE, MD – After a lengthy and highly anticipated wait, the final release for “Flavorful Fridays” is here, after a packed 7 weeks and 7 tracks. Place I Call introduces new listeners to Andrew’s background, as a Baltimore hip-hop artist and an up and coming lyricist across several hybrid genres of hip-hop, most notably doing … Read more